Resumption idea.

Robin Lee Powell rlpowell at
Sat Dec 12 16:26:41 MST 2009

I probably won't be implementing this, but since I've thought of it,
I thought I'd share.

Give rsync an option like --resumption-file=[file]

Let's say you've done:

  rsync -a --resumption-file=foo a/ b/ c/

rsync starts by putting "a/" and "b/" in foo.  It then gets the
listing for a/, and replaces "a/" in the file with "a/d", "a/e", ...
for all files and directories in there.  When each file is
transferred, it gets removed.  Directories are replaced with their

If the transfer breaks, you can resume with that list of
things-what-still-need-transferring/recursing-through without having
to walk the parts of the tree you've already walked.  On large
trees, or trees with large directories, that's a *really* huge win
the next time around.


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