multiuser rsync environment

Matt McCutchen matt at
Thu Dec 10 08:32:49 MST 2009

On Thu, 2009-12-10 at 11:54 +0100, Angel Spassov wrote:
> We are two users managing our homepage through subversion
> in order to synchronize each others work. 
> We upload everything to the server via the following command in rsync:
> rsync -avzt --exclude ".svn" --exclude "*~" -e ssh .  webserver at
> Everything works just fine except of one annoying issue. 
> rsync synchronizes everything when the person between two uploads change.
> So if my colleague made the last change to the server, 
> the next time I am rsync-ing everything needs to be synchronized again 
> (which is of course expected, but still annoying).
> Is there some elegant option to combine subversion + rsync in a wiser way
> in order to upload only the changes with altering users?

One option would be to have another SVN working copy on the web server
and update it with "svn up" instead of rsync.  That does mean you can't
test changes before committing them to SVN.


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