DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6928] Warn the user to use --modify-window=1 --no-owner --no-group etc. on FAT partitions

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Thu Dec 3 23:35:47 MST 2009

------- Comment #2 from jasonspiro4 at  2009-12-04 00:35 CST -------
I neglected to use --modify-window=1 when I first started using rsync.  More
importantly, think how other people have made the same mistake.  Who knows how
many hours, days, or weeks of unneeded syncing we (the group as a whole) have
waited through in total until we've learned.

"With very few exceptions, users will not cuddle up with [a] manual and read it
through before they begin to use [some] software.  In general [...] users are
trying to get something done, and they see reading the manual as a waste of
time, or at the very least, as a distraction that keeps them from getting their
task done."  --

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