support for ext-attrs on non-supporting FS's

Linda A. Walsh rsync at
Mon Aug 24 10:43:01 MDT 2009

Maybe rsync could support extattrs on non-supporting fs's with a 
.<fn>.xattr  file stored
at the same place as the <fn>:
    If a user used a switch to emulate 'xattrs', then on a fs that 
didn't support real .xattrs one
could still ACL and other .xattr info.  If a user ran rsync w/o that 
switch such files
would be treated as 'normal files' -- allowing copying as normal files 
between other
targets, but allowing ACL restoration on some final target by re using 
the --emulate
switch, where it would detect the files on the source, and support on a 
target, and
set ACL's appropriately?

Just a thought....?  Doable or reasonable?


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