prepending /cygdrive/c/ to source line

Linda Walsh rsync at
Tue Aug 18 15:52:40 MDT 2009

dhtmldude wrote:
> Hello, either cygwin or rsync (version 3.0.6) is prepending /cygwin/c/ to the
> source path from the command line.
> C:\CMS\PageGenerator>rsync -avc --delete -vvv --protocol=20 -e "ssh.exe -i
> C:\cms\PageGenerator\qa_rsa"
> \\\YCM0\InternalCache\test_aug17/
>   nasadmin at
	See last email?  Same problem w/evil windows quoting.
	See notes on symplifying.

	Add to notes on following advice from programs on versions being
too old:

> Client is very old version of rsync, upgrade recommended.

> building file list ...
> server_recv(2) starting pid=5220
> rsync: change_dir 
Oddly it seems to not be complaining about the backslashes, and now I
understand why -- you are calling rsync (cygwin) from 

You are passing it \\ which means nothing in 'cygwin.

To get network access in cygwin, you use '//'.

Stay out of the Windows environment!  Or don't use the cygwin utils.
You can use the Win utils from the cygwin env, carefully -- the cygwin
people take pains to convert your environment vars (Path ) and such to
windows format.  But I know Windows isn't so careful.

"/cygdrive/c/\\\YCM0\InternalCache\test_aug17" failed: No such file or directory (2)

If you don't want cygdrive inserted, then recompile your utils using mingw for windows native mode, but for info on that...your on your own...'sides, I'm a bit tapped out for the time being for some reason...;^/

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