exit_cleanup(code=12, file=io.c, line=609)

dhtmldude felipe.carrillo at rbc.com
Mon Aug 17 12:28:11 MDT 2009

Its not syncronizing anything.  It sits there waiting, until i press CTRL C
and terminate the batch job, then the log looks like this:

cmd=ssh.exe -i C:\cms\PageGenerator\qa_rsa machine=
user=nasadmin path=/cygdrive/g/EWCMS_SYNC/test_aug17/
cmd[0]=ssh.exe cmd[1]=-i cmd[2]=C:\cms\PageGenerator\qa_rsa cmd[3]=-l
cmd[4]=nasadmin cmd[5]= cmd[6]=rsync cmd[7]=--server
cmd[8]=-vvvvlogDtprce.iLs cmd[9]=--delete cmd[10]=.
opening connection using: ssh.exe -i "C:\cms\PageGenerator\qa_rsa" -l
nasadmin rsync --server -vvvvlogDtprce.iLs --delete .
note: iconv_open("CP1252", "CP1252") succeeded.
(Client) Protocol versions: remote=30, negotiated=30
sending incremental file list
[sender] flist start=1, used=1, low=0, high=0
[sender] i=1 <NULL> \\cagecfsu1.saifg.rbc.com\YCM0\InternalCache\test_aug17/
mode=040755 len=0 uid=400 gid=401 flags=5
send_file_list done
[sender] flist start=3, used=2, low=0, high=1
[sender] i=3 <NULL>
mode=0100644 len=0 uid=400 gid=401 flags=0
[sender] i=4 <NULL>
\\cagecfsu1.saifg.rbc.com\YCM0\InternalCache\test_aug17/test1/ mode=040755
len=0 uid=400 gid=401 flags=4
file list sent
send_files starting
[sender] flist start=6, used=0, low=0, high=-1
server_recv(2) starting pid=492
uid 400(s3w06326admin) maps to 400
process has 1 gid:  401
gid 401(mkpasswd) maps to 401
received 1 names
[receiver] flist start=1, used=1, low=0, high=0
[receiver] i=1 1 \\cagecfsu1.saifg.rbc.com\YCM0\InternalCache\test_aug17/
mode=040755 len=0 gid=401 flags=5
recv_file_list done
[receiver] receiving flist for dir 0
received 2 names
[receiver] flist start=3, used=2, low=0, high=1
[receiver] i=3 2
mode=0100644 len=0 gid=401 flags=0
[receiver] i=4 2
\\cagecfsu1.saifg.rbc.com\YCM0\InternalCache\test_aug17/test1/ mode=040755
len=0 gid=401 flags=4
recv_file_list done
get_local_name count=3 /cygdrive/g/EWCMS_SYNC/test_aug17/
generator starting pid=492
delta-transmission enabled
recv_files(1) starting
_exit_cleanup(code=20, file=rsync.c, line=541): entered
_exit_cleanup(code=20, file=rsync.c, line=541): about to call exit(255)

I got the same behavior with 2.1.5 as with 3.1.0.  it sits there.  If i run
it from a scheduled task, i have to end the task eventually resulting in a
locked log file which i cannot delete until i reboot (or kill the process
which i have no idea which it is).  This is really unnerving.  I've gotten
rsync to work before using client and server on the same PC, but never over
a firewall.  What else can i look at?  change?  etc?

Paul Slootman-5 wrote:
> On Mon 17 Aug 2009, dhtmldude wrote:
>> I got my SSH working, turns out another process was using port 22 and
>> VanDyke Vshell was not started.  Now Its synchronized a folder but not
>> its
>> contents.  Im not sure what to do next other than put more files in the
>> source and see if they make it over.  Ideas?
> Add more -v options to make it more verbose.
> Paul
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