Rsync completed successfully, but files are not identical

Mark, Oren oren.mark at
Sun Aug 16 02:38:13 MDT 2009

Hi All,

I came into a strange issue running rsync on directory with ~500,000 files.
Some of the file, although with same time stamps and size on source and destination, were different on the destination.
The destination is just a mirrored area, and the data written to it, is just the one that comes through rsync.
Needless to mentioned, that when I remove files and synced them again it works, or when I did the sync with checksum.

Due to the large number of files, running it with checksum is very bad options for me.

I have few questions:

1)      Any idea how come a replicated area, has files with same time stamp and size, but file is different than the source?
2)      Is there a way for rsync to verify, that each transferred size is identical as the source, after the file was transferred?

Thanks in advanced,
Oren Mark

Intel Israel (74) Limited

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