rsyncd.conf chroot yes problem with symlink-ing

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Fri Aug 14 03:10:09 MDT 2009

 Hy there,

 My name is Alex Vladulescu, and i found this very
interesting tool for backup files and folders over remote network

 For the past four days i have been reading the FAQ on the site,
google-ing the web for some answers on my local problem, but i am very
stuck, nothing seems to answer my question so far.

 My issue consists on
having a rsyncd.conf on a master server on which i use regular cron jobs to
update slaves with directory path and content, and all of this work well
but except the symlinks.

 This is the rsyncd.conf on the master :

uid =
gid = root
use chroot = yes
max verbosity = 1
lock file = 1
read only
= false
write only = false
list = true

port = 873
address =
connections = 0
munge symlinks = false

log file =

hosts allow =
ignore errors =
ignore nonreadable = false
transfer logging = yes
timeout =

path = /home/

path = /etc/virtual/

 ... and on the
slave the rsync command looks like :

 rsync -vrulpHEtzhi4ogk -L
--copy-links rsync://root@ /home/

 and the symlink message

root at ph:/# rsync -vrulpHEtzhi4ogk -L --copy-links --del
rsync://root@ /home/
receiving incremental file
symlink has no referent: "/webmaster/domains/" (in

sent 338 bytes received 94.71K bytes 63.36K bytes/sec
total size is
5.54M speedup is 58.32
rsync error: some files could not be transferred
(code 23) at main.c(1524) [generator=3.0.3]

 Ok, so far the googlein' got
me this : but it
does't helps me, because the issue was that he didn't use in the config
"use chroot = yes", which is not my case as you can see, and i have been
trying all kind of params on the slaves command like : --links
--copy-unsafe-links, given the perm options.. ?i have no clue.

enlight me. Tnks in advance.

 Best regardes,

 Vladulescu Alexandru
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