Handling spaces in filenames

Larry Alkoff labradley at mindspring.com
Tue Aug 11 21:04:05 MDT 2009

Man rsync says that
"If  you  need  to  transfer  a  filename that contains whitespace, 
you'll need to either escape the whitespace in a way that the remote 
shell will understand, or  use  wildcards in place of the spaces.".

I am regularly doing backups with rsync and notice that files names with 
a space in them copy properly, without any special escape or other 

Is this a change in rsync?
Is the warning in the man page no longer needed?

I will say that my 'filenames' with spaces are mostly (if not all) 
directory names so perhaps rsync knows to handle directory names better
than file names.

Can anyone enlighten me?


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