DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4168] Random file has vanished when syncing clock with ntpdate/hwclock ?

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>I have setup a rsync of the same source on two servers
>just before the sync of the clock by ntpdate/hwclock

you should not sync the clock via ntpdate at runtime, as your system time will
not be continous and do some jump into the future or into the past. this can
lead to all sorts of weird side effects. use ntpd instead. 
you can use ntpdate on bootup, but i would not use it at runtime.

please disable ntpdate for testing and prove that the issue disappears. 

if it still persists, then it`s another problem, not related to ntp(date).
if it disappears, then it`s NOT a rsync problem but a problem introduced by
using a sub-optimal method of setting/syncing the system time.

mind that ntpdate is deprecated, too.

this is from the ntpd manpage:

     In  some  cases  it may not be practical for ntpd  to run continuously. A
common workaround has
       been to run the ntpdate  program from a cron  job at designated times. 
However,  this  program
       does not have the crafted signal processing, error checking and
mitigation algorithms of ntpd .
       The -q  option is intended for this purpose. Setting this option will
cause ntpd  to exit  just
       after  setting  the  clock for the first time. The procedure for
initially setting the clock is
       the same as in continuous mode; most applications will probably  want 
to  specify  the  iburst
       keyword  with  the  server   configuration  command. With this keyword a
volley of messages are
       exchanged to groom the data and the clock is set in about a minute. If
nothing is heard after a
       couple  of  minutes,  the  daemon times out and exits. After a suitable
period of mourning, the
       ntpdate  program may be retired.

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