rsync speedup - how ?

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Fri Aug 7 01:36:21 MDT 2009

so, instead of 500M i would transfer 100GB over the network.
that`s no option.

besides that, for transferring complete files i know faster methods than rsync.

one more question: 
how safe is transferring a 100gb file, i.e. as rsync is using checksums internally to compare the contents of two files, how can i calculate the risk of 2 files being NOT perfectly in sync after rsync run ?  i assume there IS a risk, just as like there is a risk that 2 files may have the same md5 checksum by chance....


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>Subject:    Re: rsync speedup - how ?
>From:       Jon Forrest <jlforrest () berkeley ! edu>
>Date:       2009-08-07 0:25:12
>Message-ID: h5fs8m$nqj$1 () ger ! gmane ! org
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>One way I've been trying to speedup rsync may
>not apply in every situation. In my situation
>when files change, they usually change completely.
>This is especially true for large files. So,
>the rsync algorithm does me no good. So,
>I've been using the "W" flag (e.g. rsync -avzW)
>to turn this off.

>I don't know objectively how much difference
>this makes but it seems reasonable.


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