Backups & Directory Timestamps Not Preserved

Michal Soltys soltys at
Tue Aug 4 06:31:07 MDT 2009

Backup options are concered with files from what I can see after some 
tests. Extra directory (--backup-dir) is an addition to keep things more 
tidy. I guess the idea was to have some sort of protection against 
careless rsync invocation, etc. - not as a solution for incremental 
backups. I don't really know for sure if it's intended or not though.

As for incremental backup, --link-dest is generally used for that 
purpose, and saves a lot of space due to hardlink usage. You will likely 
need to make some shell script for automation's sake (or you can look 
for premade ones - e.g. rsnapshot is often quoted).

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