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Steven Levine steve53 at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 2 10:26:46 MDT 2009

In <loom.20090802T094306-985 at post.gmane.org>, on 08/02/09
   at 09:46 AM, Dean Rotherham <dean at skynetwork.co.za> said:


>2009/08/02 11:38:58 [5596] .d..t...... music00/
>2009/08/02 11:39:01 [5595] sent 40 bytes  received 53 bytes  total size
>9603099 2009/08/02 11:39:05 [5597] receiving file list
>2009/08/02 11:39:07 [5598] .d..t...... music01/

>What does the .d..t..... line mean?

This is described in the section that dicusses the --itemize-changes

>Agian I hope I'm not asking a FAQ question here but I can't seem to find
>reference to what these log "switches" relate to.

It's a bit indirect.  When you request a log, --itemize-changes is

>Hope to chat soon.



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