Slowness and sparse files

Jeremy Sanders jeremy at
Wed Apr 29 15:30:26 GMT 2009

Andrew Gideon wrote:

> It may be clear to others, but I'm missing what you mean by this.  I
> gather that rsh yielded poor results.  What did you do for
> "simple data copy tests" that did well?

Sorry for being unclear:

# ttcp -s -l 819200 -t xbackX
ttcp-t: buflen=819200, nbuf=2048, align=16384/0, port=5001  tcp  -> xbackX
ttcp-t: socket
ttcp-t: connect
ttcp-t: 1677721600 bytes in 17.16 real seconds = 95494.23 KB/sec +++
ttcp-t: 2048 I/O calls, msec/call = 8.58, calls/sec = 119.37
ttcp-t: 0.0user 2.2sys 0:17real 13% 0i+0d 0maxrss 0+200pf 1115+30csw

Ethtool reports full duplex at 1000Mb/s on both systems as well.

Would latency be an issue? Does rsync operate on a file-by-file basis over 
the network or does it batch up requests?


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