DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6280] (Bug incl. PATCH) Linux mknod does not work when syncing fifos and sockets from Solaris

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Sat Apr 25 08:45:32 GMT 2009

------- Comment #3 from sebastian_kapfer at  2009-04-25 03:45 CST -------


from Solaris mknod(2):

     If mode does not indicate a
     block special or character special device, dev  is  ignored.

Similar prose is in Linux mknod(2), but in the case of Solaris, it is actually
true :-)

In short, dev=0 works on Linux and Solaris.

I'd prefer the fix being in the receiving end of rsync, that is, the one that
does the actual mknod.  This would maintain compatibility work legacy rsyncs on
the remove host.  Is make_file on the receiving end?

Greetings, Sebastian

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