DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6280] (Bug incl. PATCH) Linux mknod does not work when syncing fifos and sockets from Solaris

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Fri Apr 24 14:08:13 GMT 2009

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Does Solaris allow mknod("test_fifo_fifi", 0777 | S_IFIFO, (dev_t)0) to work? 
If so, the fix I'm contemplating is setting rdev to 0 down in flist.c's

        if (IS_DEVICE(st.st_mode)) {
                tmp_rdev = st.st_rdev;
                st.st_size = 0;
        } else if (IS_SPECIAL(st.st_mode)) {
                tmp_rdev = 0;
                st.st_size = 0;

I wonder if that would break any OS?  Perhaps a safer change would be for that
final tmp_rdev assignment to be:

                tmp_rdev = st.st_rdev == (dev_t)-1 ? 0 : st.st_rdev;

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