purge-empty-dirs and max-file-size confusion

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at wurtel.net
Fri Apr 24 08:23:06 GMT 2009

On Thu 23 Apr 2009, Ian! D. Allen wrote:
> In the man page it says in one place "tells the receiving rsync to get
> rid of empty directories from the file-list" and in another place it says
> "prune empty directory chains from file-list".  The latter sounds like it
> operates on the source list, not on the receiving list, and if rsync were

Actually, to me it sounds quite like the same thing.
I don't think the intention is to actually delete empty directories at
the receiving end; only to prevent them being created. So once they're
created due to perhaps an earlier invocation without purge-empty-dirs,
you'll have to remove them by hand.


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