--filter, missing in action.

istrice istrice at autistici.org
Fri Apr 24 07:58:54 GMT 2009

Il giorno gio, 23/04/2009 alle 17.32 +0200, Paul Slootman ha scritto:
> On Thu 23 Apr 2009, Teodor MICU wrote:
> > Until now I've done this by adding "- foo/" on the exclude file. With this
> > line rsync will not touch any "foo/" directory on the receiver.
> --delete-excluded will screw this up.

I tried without --delete-excluded but I can not stop rsync from deleting
on the receiver dir foo what it find empty on the sender dir foo, which
is what I am trying to achieve...

Do you think is possible? 
The Man say :

   "However,  if  you want to do a delete on the receiving side AND you
want some files to be excluded from being deleted, you’ll need to be
sure that the receiving side knows what files to exclude.  The  easiest
way  is  to  include  the  per-directory  merge  files  in  the
transfer  and  use --delete-after,  because  this  ensures that the
receiving side gets all the same exclude rules as the sending side
before it tries to delete anything"

Is it that what I am doing with:

--filter=':r foo'

or I am getting something wrong like syntax or whatever??

Many thanks for patience!


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