[Code study] lp_motd_file defination? Help

Paul Slootman paul+rsync at wurtel.net
Wed Apr 22 08:14:32 GMT 2009

On Wed 22 Apr 2009, Daniel.Li wrote:
> Currently, I read this in clientserver.c, line 148.
> motd = lp_motd_file();
> I have googled, but didn't the definition of char *lp_motd_file(void).

> $ grep "lp_motd_file" . -R
> ./proto.h:char *lp_motd_file(void);
> ./loadparm.c:FN_GLOBAL_STRING(lp_motd_file, &Globals.motd_file)

So look in loadparm.c ...  I'm guessing this is for some school course?
If you're reasonably able to read code, that code snippet shouldn't be
hard to understand, and if not, ask your teacher, not us :-)


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