Disaster recovery option for file server

David Overton david at overtons.id.au
Mon Apr 20 02:14:14 GMT 2009

Hi Jeff,

2009/4/18 Jeff Boyce <jboyce at meridianenv.com>:
> Would I have to run cygwin on the Vista box?  I would prefer not to if
> possible.  Can anyone give me some basic guidance on how I might do
> this?  All the discussions I see about using rsync is either between
> two Linux boxes, or from a Windows box using cygwin to a Linux server.
> What I am considering doing is neither of those cases.  Thanks.

Running rysnc on Windows requires Cygwin, but that doesn't mean you need
a full Cygwin installation.  The best option, IMHO, is to install the
cwRsyncServer package from http://www.itefix.no/i2/node/10650.  This
provides just what you need to run rsync.  It also makes it easy to run
the rsync daemon as a Windows service.  If you want to run rsync over
ssh you can install the copSSH package from the same site.


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