rsync windows acl

Matt McCutchen matt at
Fri Apr 17 16:30:31 GMT 2009

On Fri, 2009-04-17 at 11:20 -0500, Ryan Malayter wrote:
> Rsync's man page inidcates support for ACLs, but does not mention what
> ACL model is supported.

Rsync supports POSIX ACLs as described at .

> > - Rsync uses Unix-like UIDs and GIDs. [...]

> Presumably, if rsync supports ACLs, it supports the NFSv4 style
> "user at domain" or "group at domain" identifiers instead of or in addition
> to UID/GIDs.

POSIX ACLs just use UIDs/GIDs, so that's all rsync supports (though it
can map them from one system to another by name).


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