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Hi @all!

I want to backup Windows files to a Linux Server including the Windows ACLs.

I found this at

On Mon, 2008-12-29 at 09:54 -0700, Michael Chletsos wrote:
> Has rsync integrated windows acls into it yet?

No, and the main version probably never will as rsync targets primarily
unix-like systems.  Windows ACL support would be fair game for a
maintained patch that could be included in packagings such as cwRsync.

I know of three currently available options:

- If you want to back up ACLs in a way that can be restored but don't
need to actually apply them to the destination files, --fake-super is
supposed to be able to do this (though I'm not entirely clear on how it

- Use rsync to copy the data and another tool such as RoboCopy to copy
the ACLs.  See:

- Ask Srinivasa Battula <sbattula at ...> for his modified version
of rsync that supports Windows ACLs (based on a development snapshot of
2.6.9, unless it has been updated).


My question is:
I first transfer the files with rsync and then using RoboCopy to transfer the ACLs.
Where exactly do robocopy copy the ACLs? In a different file?
Please help me understanding this.

Further I want to ask if this the following is up to date?
Found on

There are two opportunities for information loss in the ACL conversion:

- PSIX ACLs support only read, write, and execute permissions. Thus,
aspects of Windows ACLs that cannot be represented by a combination of
read, write, and execute (often shown as "Special Permissions" in the
Windows ACL editor) will be lost.

- Rsync uses Unix-like UIDs and GIDs. To get Cygwin to convert
Windows users and groups to and from UIDs and GIDs in a meaningful
fashion, you must assign UIDs and GIDs to all the users on the system
in the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files. See the Cygwin page I linked
above for much more information. Additionally, if you are copying
from one machine to another, rsync gives you the option to preserve
users and groups by UID/GID or by Cygwin name (which may or may not
match the Windows name depending on how you did /etc/passwd and
/etc/group); see rsync's option.


Thanks a lot for answering!

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