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Tue Apr 14 17:33:58 GMT 2009

> Only copying changed files is *exactly* what ROBOCOPY is designed for.
> This is even the default behavior. It uses
> filename+size+modification_time to determine if two files are the
> same. ROBOCOPY also has an enromous number of logging options.

This discussion is diverged widely, but I felt it important to
complete this thought...

Can you point me to where this is stated in the docs? (In my reading
of the docs and related items, robocopy was to be a "better" xcopy.
And xcopy never was a sync tool. It was a mass-directory/file

I simply can't find it documented ANYWHERE, even in MS's own
documents, wikipedia or anywhere else - that ROBOCOPY will only copy
newer files. 

It will delete orphans on the destination side [with /MIR] which will
help keep things in sync, but this isn't the "only copy changed files"
I need. 

Many of the other options don't seem to make much sense [/XO, /XN
etc.] from a tool which is intended as a one way sync tool.

So, perhaps I've not read the documentation clearly [and I thought
man pages often sucked, but MS's tech-net docs are abysmal on
Robocopy] but if so, please indicate where this is documented so I
can stand corrected and others on this list can at least know it's an


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