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Fri Apr 10 21:00:08 GMT 2009

> I've done quite a bit of looking, but I haven't found an answer that
> answers this question.

> Environment:
> cygwin on Windows
> rsync 3.0.4

> I know that rsync isn't optimzed for speed on local copies - that's
> clear in my testing. I'm attemting to sync a large volume of files.

> (In this case, I'm syncing a rdiff-backup set...)

> An initial sync will be about one fourth as fast a a cp of the same
> files. "Ok, that's not a huge deal. Subsequent syncs should be a lot
> faster" I though.

> No.

> Using a native windows sync tool, a sync of the source to the
> destination takes perhaps 5 minutes. (~24G, 80K files) However using
> rsync takes a very long time. (I've never let it finish, but it's
> still running an hour later or more...)

> Here's how I run it:
> rsync --recursive --delete --verbose --stats --perms --super
> /cygdrive/e/somedir/ /cygdrive/f/somedir/

> Thoughts?

> I'm mainly using rsync 'cause I know it, and use it. If there's some
> alternative I'd be glad for a pointer. I don't know of any other good
> sync tools like rsync. (Unison I guess...though I only need one way
> sync.) [Whole file copy is fine if needed, though some of the files
> are large 1 GB+ and a delta copy would speed these up...]

> TIA!
> -Greg

Ok, belay all that...

It seems that I was misreading the verbose output - (An "example" log
file as part of the documentation might be helpful...)

Once I realized it was updating all the files, I started trying to
figure out why. (I thought it was simply telling me it was checking
each file to determine if it should update them...rather than
actually finding them as "changed.")

Somehow I missed a --times directive. Thus, it viewed every file as

Problem solved.

Sometimes I wonder if I need my head checked. :)


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