Local disk rsync

Michal Soltys soltys at ziu.info
Fri Apr 10 19:38:07 GMT 2009

listserv.traffic at sloop.net wrote:
> I've done quite a bit of looking, but I haven't found an answer that
> answers this question.
> Environment:
> cygwin on Windows
> rsync 3.0.4
> Using a native windows sync tool, a sync of the source to the
> destination takes perhaps 5 minutes. (~24G, 80K files) However using
> rsync takes a very long time. (I've never let it finish, but it's
> still running an hour later or more...)

That's weird. I routinely use rsync to backup all my harddrives under 
win64 (using cwrsync) and I haven't noticed any excessive times (at 
least not beyond common sense). Although my config is much more 
complicated, the "core" approach is the same. I never felt any real 
reason to compare to cp or other regular programs (drive example: 0.5TB, 
137k files, although only ~100GB is copied due to hide/show/etc. rules). 
I'll do some comparisons later, when I have a bit of time.

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