Help creating incremental backups using --backup-dir.

David Miller millerdc at
Thu Apr 9 23:05:24 GMT 2009

Ok, I figured out the problem. I had to put in the full path for the -- 
backup-dir option. However, I have ran into another problem that makes  
doing this just about useless. If I rsync to an HFS+ volume it works  
correctly. If I rsync to a Samba share it gives me errors and puts  
files it thinks have been modified at the time of sync into the -- 
backup-dir directory. It is going through and deleting all the ._  
files. The errors I'm seeing are as such.

rsync: get_xattr_names: llistxattr("Documents/web server diagram/ 
web.graffle/._image2.jpg",1024) failed: Operation not permitted (1)
deleting Documents/web server diagram/web.graffle/._image2.jpg

I have checked the Samba server and the files are being set with the  
correct owner, group, permissions.

Are there any filesystems under linux that allow the proper  storage  
of the Mac metadata? I have tried XFS, ext3 and ext4 with no luck. I  
even tried creating a sparse disk image and mounting that from a Samba  
share but it is too unreliable. If there is a connection loss  while  
data is writing to the image it corrupts the image more often than not.

On Apr 9, 2009, at 11:11 AM, David Miller wrote:

> Normally I would use the --link-dest option to do this but I can't  
> since I'm rsyncing from a Mac to a Samba share on a Linux box and  
> hard links don't work. What I want to do is create a 10 day rotating  
> incremental backup. I used the first script example on the rsync  
> examples page as a template. The only thing I changed was the  
> destination to be a local directory and paths for the other  
> variables. when I run the script nothing gets copied into the  
> directories named by the day of the week. Each day when the script  
> runs the directory with the name of the current week day is created  
> but everything just goes into current. and stays there. Can someone  
> post an example that does work for what I'm trying to do? Below is  
> the script I'm using.
> #-------------------
> # directory to backup
> BDIR=$HOME/Documents
> BACKUPDIR=`date +%A`
> OPTS=" -aX --force --progress --ignore-errors --delete --backup -- 
> backup-dir=/$BACKUPDIR"
> # the following line clears the last weeks incremental directory
> [ -d $HOME/emptydir ] || mkdir $HOME/emptydir
> /usr/local/bin/rsync3.0.5 --delete -a $HOME/emptydir/ /Volumes/SAMBA/ 
> rmdir $HOME/emptydir
> # now the actual transfer
> /usr/local/bin/rsync3.0.5 $OPTS $BDIR /Users/Shared/current
> #-------------------
> Thanks.
> David.
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