Rsync Runs Out of Space Because of Temp File

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Thu Apr 9 07:07:19 GMT 2009

At 10:19 08.04.2009 -0700, philvh wrote:

>There are still problem to work out for example where data in the
>destination are moved, and those data needs to be moved first before the
>transfer of data take place.  This will ensure that data is not lost and
>only the same space as the source is needed. This probably is the same as
>doing a defragment of a drive with limited extra space.

You didn't say what kind of virtual machine it is, but with vmware you can
convert it to be split into 2GB chunks of data instead of one big file. Then
rsync won't have any problems as it syncs each file separately and 10GB
is enough to create a new 2GB file. Of course you first need another
50GB for the conversion...

bye  Fabi

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