Rsync Runs Out of Space Because of Temp File

philvh hovh03 at
Wed Apr 8 17:19:15 GMT 2009

Thanks Paul for helping.  I wonder if this method would help what you

1) Create a diff before the update.  So in place update is always the case.
2) The diff does not have data, but rather information where in the
destination needs to be updated.

There are still problem to work out for example where data in the
destination are moved, and those data needs to be moved first before the
transfer of data take place.  This will ensure that data is not lost and
only the same space as the source is needed. This probably is the same as
doing a defragment of a drive with limited extra space.

Paul Slootman-5 wrote:
> By default rsync makes an updated copy of the file, possibly using data
> from the existing version to speed up the transfer (actually, to
> minimize network traffic). The data it needs may be at a position
> further towards the end of the file than it currently resides (e.g. the
> beginning of the file was deleted, leaving the last part). If it simply
> overwrites the existing file, that optimization would then not be
> possible.
> You can force the updating in-place of the file by using the --inplace
> option...  It's all there in the manpage.
> Paul Slootman

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