"Invalid argument (22)" & "Operation not supported (95)" ???

henri henri at stmargarets.school.nz
Wed Apr 8 00:01:37 GMT 2009

It looks like you are running a version of SE LINUX. Keep in mind that  
I have not run rsync any SE LINUX system.

However, on Mac OS X an error is reported when ACL's are not enabled  
on a destination partition. As such, you may want to check that ACL's  
are enabled on the destination volume.

Details for enabling ACL's on Mac OS X :

Also, depending upon your distribution, you may find that compiling  
the latest version of rsync for  will help?

Details for compiling rsync version 3 Mac OS X :

Again, I am not sure if this is the problem you are having. However, I  
strongly recommend that you confirm that ACL's are enabled on your  
systems destination partition(s).

Best of luck. I would be interested to know how you resolve this issue.

On 3/04/2009, at 11:24 PM, Morgan Read wrote:

> Hi Folks
> I've gone back over the list and the only reference I've found to
> "Invalid argument (22)" is here:
> http://lists.samba.org/archive/rsync/2006-May/015478.html
> That seems a different context of character set mismatches.
> The common parts to my errors are:
> rsync: rsync_xal_set: lsetxattr("...","security.selinux") failed:
> Invalid argument (22)
> And:
> rsync: rsync_xal_set: lsetxattr("...","user.Beagle") failed: Operation
> not supported (95)
> Where ... is some reference to a file relative to the source.  Seems  
> to
> be a selinux issue on the former and a beagle issue on the latter.
> Any ideas what's going on?
> Thanks
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