cryptic output with itemized option

Jignesh Shah jignesh.shah1980 at
Thu Apr 2 06:44:51 GMT 2009


Could any one please tell me if there is any way to remove 11 letters long
cryptic output from -ii option.

I am using rsync 3.0.5

rsync -av -stats -ii --log-file-format='CONTENTS: %i %f %l %o %b'
--log-file='/tmp/rsync-test' Mydocs/ Mydocs1/"

The output of this command:

2009/03/31 15:15:17 [4537] building file list
2009/03/31 15:15:29 [4537] created directory Mydocs1
2009/03/31 15:15:29 [4537] CONTENTS: cd+++++++++ Mydocs/. 4096 send 0
2009/03/31 15:15:29 [4537] CONTENTS: >f+++++++++ Mydocs/ 394 send 437
2009/03/31 15:15:29 [4537] CONTENTS: >f+++++++++ Mydocs/CHANGELOG.txt 2588

I want to remove "cd+++++++++", ">f+++++++++" etc from whole output to make
it compatible with rsync V2.6.7. Is it possible?

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