Help With File transfer of files named "Apple*" + Lacie 5Big RAID

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Wed Apr 1 00:55:52 GMT 2009

Hi there,

Which version of rsync are you using? The following link has some  
details regarding compiling the latest version of rsync on Mac OS X :

Also, I am unsure if it will make any difference, but perhaps the  
underlying file system of this device you are pushing to via AFP is  
not HFS+ formated.

Finally, although this is not a very helpful suggestion, have you  
considered pulling the backups to another machine with directly  
attached storage via SSH rather than pushing them using AFP to this  

I hope some of this information helps you resolve your issues with  
this backup.

> Hello Rsync Community,
> I have been using rsync for several years to backup servers across an
> array of different areas.
> I have run into a new problem that I cannot find an answer for.
> We just recently purchased a Lacie 5Big Network RAID:
>   for one organization.
> We set up a test server to start backing up to this RAID via AFP. The
> server is a Mac Intel XSERVE running Leopard 10.5.6.
> We are rsync'ing an internal volume of staff users to the AFP share
> via this command set nightly.
> ---------------------------
> #!/bin/sh
> #set -xv; exec 1>~/Desktop/out 2>&1
> if [ -d /Volumes/Backup ]
> then
>         umount "/Volumes/Backup"
>         sleep 2
> fi
> if [ ! -d /Volumes/Backup ]
> then
>         mkdir /Volumes/Backup
>         mount_afp afp:// / 
> Volumes/
> Backup
> fi
> mkdir -p /Volumes/Backup/Staff_Backup
> date=`date "+%Y-%m-%d"`
> rsync -rltP --exclude-from /main_backup_excludes.txt --link-dest=/
> Volumes/Backup/Staff_Backup/current /Volumes/st1/Staff/ /Volumes/
> Backup/Staff_Backup/back-$date
> rm /Volumes/Backup/Staff_Backup/current
> ln -s /Volumes/Backup/Staff_Backup/back-$date /Volumes/Backup/
> Staff_Backup/current
> -------------------------
> The script has run fine via SSH and other AFP shares in the past.
> However, as of now with the 5Big it does not.
> Every time we run the script (or any derivative of rsync on this
> directory) and it reaches a file that begins with the word "apple" or
> "Apple" it will hang
> When watching the output it will just simply set there on that file
> and not continue. We have left it setting for about 8 hours just to  
> see.
> Once we rename the file to something like "1apple" or "Appl" or
> "Bpple" it will transfer and continue. We have not seen this problem
> with any other AFP backups to other brands of AFP shares we have used.
> For now we are excluding Apple* from the backups so that they will
> continue. Everything seems to be working just fine (Other than a huge
> chunk of missing Apple* files)
> NOTE: It does not have this problem on Folders that are named "Apple".
> Just Files
> Here is the e-mail I received from Lacie when I asked about this  
> issue:
> Quote Lacie:
> I apologize, as advised previously, if the issue is just with the
> rsync software, I won't be able to determine what the issue it is
> having. The drive itself is operating appropriately if you are not
> having a problem manually transferring over the same files. I
> apologize but I don't have anything I could advise doing to the 5Big,
> since it works in a supported fashion, nor do I have anything for the
> rsync software.
> End Quote Lacie
> Any advice or help on this crazy issue would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jameson Giebler
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