Does "--link-dest" option supports link to remote backup server?

Zhiming Zhou qexing at
Sun Sep 28 07:39:06 GMT 2008

Hello everyone:

I keeps using rsync to backup my files on my laptop from one folder to
another, and to reduce disk usage, so I use "--link-dest" option for
incremental backup like this:

*rsync -a --link-dest=/local/old /tmp/myfile /local/new*

And "/local/old" is backuped some days ago, I use "--link-dest" option to
keep unchanged files as links to new destination "/local/new", and it works
so well.

Today I have a remote rsync server, I suppose the "--link-dest" option
should also works in remote server, so I use rsync like this:

*rsync -a --link-dest=/remote/old /tmp/myfile user at

and "/remote/old" directory on is backuped some days ago,
however, with command memtioned above, unchanged files in "/remote/old" are
not changed(linked).

Also I tried to use:
*rsync -a --link-dest=**user at**/remote/old /tmp/myfile
user at

*and change "/remote/old" absolute path to relative path like "../old", but
unchanged files are still not been linked.

So, I want to know does the "--link-dest" option allow remote path been

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