automated Rsync to remote host, preserve owner

Matt McCutchen matt at
Fri Sep 26 00:04:55 GMT 2008

Ray, please CC rsync at so that others can help you and
your messages are archived for others' future benefit.

On Thu, 2008-09-25 at 17:12 -0600, RAY wrote:
> This is what I have done so far:
> I have enabled rsync --daemon in inetd, created a rsyncd.conf file.
> I used the following for confirmation 
> server#rsync admin at host.wserver.tld::
> www             www
> I then attempted to transfer data in the following way:
> server# rsync -narvv /usr/local/etc/apache22/data admin at host.wserver.tld::www
> opening tcp connection to host.wserver.tld port 873
> sending daemon args: --server -vvnlogDtpre.iL . www/
> Password:
> sending incremental file list
> rsync: link_stat "/usr/local/etc/apache22/data" failed: No such file or 
> directory (2)
> total: matches=0  hash_hits=0  false_alarms=0 data=0
> sent 14 bytes  received 8 bytes  4.00 bytes/sec
> total size is 0  speedup is 0.00 (DRY RUN)
> rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at main.c(1040) 
> [sender=3.0.3]

Rsync is telling you that the source directory
/usr/local/etc/apache22/data does not exist.  If you are certain that
the directory exists, strace rsync to see why rsync thinks it doesn't.


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