rsync is effecting in the DC switch??

Manuel Kissoyan manuel at
Tue Sep 23 03:00:47 GMT 2008

Thanx Ben,

But i have really no idea why this is happening, the backup server 
crashed and the DC rebuild it with centos 5 (i guess had centos4 
before), after the rebuild did start this problem, could be something 
with the os version or distro?

not sure where to start, the problem is not broadcasting...i mean, the 
dc tech told me the following, so the broadcasting is not something that 

"is broadcasting to all servers connected to that switch right now. It 
is not normal for it to be abusing the network and flooding other 
servers with unwanted traffic."

so any help or idea will be aprecciated.

btw, here is the command that i was running in the backup server to pull 
the data from the other servers, not sure if it could have any 
problem...but i was running the same command without problem before the 
backup server rebuild.

/usr/bin/rsync -rplogDtzH --stats --delete-during --timeout=500 
--files-from=/root/rsyncincludedfiles -e ssh root at xx.xx.xx.xx:/ 

Thanx in advance!


Benjamin Schweizer wrote:
> Hi Manuel,
> it is unlikely that rsync is causing your trouble as it operates on top
> of tcp (osi layer 4); broadcasts are special ethernet packets that are
> transmitted on osi layer 2. I think there might be another problem with
> your server or with your switch (is it hubbing?). I suggest you talk to
> your network admin again or repost this mail into a network list.
> Greetings
> Benjamin
> On Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 10:16:25PM -0300, Manuel Kissoyan wrote:
>> hi guys, we are using rsycn without problem but today after some 
>> problems in one of the servers, the dc tech did find the rsync is 
>> effecting in the switch where they have the server connected 
>> broadcasting all the ports in the switch at the dc?????
>> This is what the dc tech said:
>> "It appears that your server is broadcasting to every port on the switch 
>> that you are connected to"
>> Any idea why this is happening?
>> Thanx in advance!
>> im using version 3.0.3  protocol version 30
>> and im running the command through shell in the destination server 
>> (backup server) to pull the files from the other servers:
>> /usr/bin/rsync -rplogDtzH --stats --delete-during --timeout=500 
>> --exclude-from=/rsyncexcludedfiles --files-from=/rsyncincludedfiles -e 
>> ssh root at xx.xx.xx.xx:/ /backup/server
>> Manuel
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