without passwd

Benjamin Schweizer 2008 at benjamin-schweizer.de
Mon Sep 22 13:04:02 GMT 2008

Hi Rajiv,

from rsync(1):
| Some  paths  on the remote server may require authentication. If so then
| you will receive a password prompt when you connect. You can avoid the
| password prompt by setting the environment  variable RSYNC_PASSWORD to
| the password you want to use or using the --password-file option. This
| may be useful when scripting rsync. 


On Sat, Sep 20, 2008 at 12:49:08PM +0530, Rajiv Nair wrote:
> Hi, I have two Fedora box and rsync running on both systems.  One system ip
> is and the other is  I run manually for the
> following commands in both systems.  my problem is whenever run it asking
> the user passwd and i cannot run the same automatically using crontab.  My
> question is how to avoid the passwd option...
>  rsync -aPrv rsync:// /data/backup/detailing
> is my local fedora box and /data/backup/detailing is another
> local fedora box...
> Please help to get rid of passwd.
> Rajiv.

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