fixing user, group, and mtime with rsync?

Sven Hartrumpf Sven.Hartrumpf at
Tue Sep 16 18:25:49 GMT 2008

Tue, 16 Sep 2008 17:35:40 +0000, matt wrote:
> Rsync will preserve symlink mtimes using the lutimes system call if the
> C library and kernel on the receiving machine both support it.  Check
> that "rsync --version" shows "symtimes", not "no symtimes".  If the
> kernel is Linux, it should be 2.6.22 or newer (IIRC).

Thanks for the explanation.
I rebuilt rsync using openSUSE 10.3 (and 11.0). Both use symtimes now.

Before I configured on openSUSE 10.2 (= kernel 2.6.18) which was
not enough as you said.


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