Feature request: save-as-user

Carlos Carvalho carlos at fisica.ufpr.br
Sat Sep 13 18:53:55 GMT 2008

Quey (qms01 at optusnet.com.au) wrote on 13 September 2008 07:10:
 >Is it possible to request a new feature that will help out some of us  
 >doing many mirrors, that is each mirror has their own system uid for  
 >security puroposes, it would be of great advantage (to I'm sure very  
 >many) to have an option to "save as user" <some_user>  rather than  
 >have the files/directories only owned by the mirror host side
 >owner/group, or by root.
 >maybe something like a --chown user.group

We host many mirrors and this feature is not at all necessary. Just
run rsync with the user that owns that particular mirror. If you want
to launch the update as root just use su.

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