New bie Q

Matt McCutchen matt at
Mon Sep 8 14:12:54 GMT 2008

On Mon, 2008-09-08 at 13:49 +0530, Ravi Thati wrote:
>  I have a doubt regarding the fault tolerance of the rsync tool.
>  What happens if the network goes down for some time and comes back
> after few seconds? 
> Will rsync retry ? If yes, how many times/ how much time  it will keep
> retrying ?

Rsync does not have any fault-tolerance or retrying mechanism.  If the
operating system breaks the connection, rsync will abort with exit code
12, while if the OS retains the connection, rsync will just proceed when
the network starts working again.

> How to ensure the completion of the rsync operation when there are
> network break ups?

Write a script that runs rsync repeatedly until it exits with a code
other than 12 (which indicates a broken connection).


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