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Thank you for your reply.
I've installed the cwrsync client for windows 2003 server, now i can get a
200 KB/sec bandwidth, better of before, but still a quarter of the linux
client transfers bandwidth.
So it is really a rsync implementation on windows that lacks of something.
Any other ideas?

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You tried using the cwrsync?

This is a Windows designed version of Rsync.

I've no trouble with file transfer speed from my 2003 server to XP/NAS or
to a Linux machine.

Stuart Halliday

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> Hi all, i'm using an rsync windows server under cygwin. 
> The rsync linux clients work very well, using all available bandwidth;
> instead the only windows server 2003 client does not exceed the 80 KB/s
> when
> transferring files, so it is very slow.
> It is invoked through command line

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