Problem using rsync for backing up on to a NAS

Thomas Ebert thoebert at
Sat Sep 6 16:11:13 GMT 2008

Thanks for your reply,

what I'm wondering about is, that everything works fine if I delete the 
dir /usr/share/terminfo in the linkdest before running rsync so that has 
to be copied as is by rsync.

No other directory is affected, though. I also don't understand the 
behaviour of rsync: First it complains that there is no such file or 
directory just to say that it exists in the second step.

So, what could go wrong with /usr/share/terminfo and what do you 
suggest? Currently I'm only backing up /home and my "mp3-partition" to 
the NAS as this works without any problem and I'm backing up / to an 
external hdd via usb.



Wayne Davison schrieb:
> On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 04:43:29PM +0200, Thomas Ebert wrote:
>> rsync: stat 
>> "/home/thomas/DiskStation/Thomas/backup/molungus-root/2008-08-25/usr/share/terminfo/L/LFT-PC850" 
>> failed: No such file or directory (2)
>> usr/share/terminfo/l/lft => usr/share/terminfo/l/lft-pc850
>> rsync: link 
>> "/home/thomas/DiskStation/Thomas/backup/molungus-root/2008-08-25/usr/share/terminfo/L/LFT-PC850" 
>> => usr/share/terminfo/l/lft-pc850 failed: File exists (17)
> This indicates that your filesystem is not behaving correctly, since it
> is returning conflicting results to rsync.  One of your pastebin errors
> from an earlier email also listed an NFS error with a mount going stale,
> which is something that you'd need to fix outside of rsync.
>> File index not found: 7235938 (-1 - 185115)
>> rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at hlink.c(488) 
>> [generator=3.0.3]
> That looks like some kind of text message getting in the way of the
> protocol, since the number turns into the string "bin".
> ..wayne..

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