Rsync 3.0.3 with patches on OS X 10.4.11 fails to copy ACLs

Carney Mimms carney.mimms at
Thu Sep 4 21:11:17 GMT 2008

I am using rsync 3.0.3 to copy a remote RAID volume on one Xserve to the
local RAID volume on an other Xserve. Both Xserves are running OS X Server
I have compiled rsync 3.0.3 on both machines and patched it following Mike
Bombich's instructions at
After some struggles, and with invaluable help from the list, I how have an
rsync script running to completion but it generates log errors, I think for
every file, and fails to copy ACLS, even though the ACL flag for Macs is set
as shown in the OPTS variable in my backup script:

OPTS=(-aAX --delete --archive --rsync-path=/usr/local/bin/rsync
--protect-args --fileflags --force-change)

Some sample error log entries are:

rsync: set_acl: sys_acl_set_file(SN3201128/.Share Your Images.url.g4bMCP,
ACL_TYPE_EXTENDED): Operation not supported (45)
rsync: set_acl: sys_acl_set_file(SN3201128/.Warez Home.url.WxglUO,
ACL_TYPE_EXTENDED): Operation not supported (45)
rsync: set_acl: 
e.i2w172, ACL_TYPE_EXTENDED): Operation not supported (45)

I saw similar errors when I was running Carbon Copy Cloner on the same
volumes, which also uses rsync 3.0.3 and was informed that in some cases
these are only log artifacts and not real errors. In this case, however, I
have checked and ACLs do not seem to be preserved in the copies.

I know ACL support for Mac has been problematical until recently, but can
anyone suggest troubleshooting steps I might take to try to fix the ACL
problem. I an certainly supply the entire rsync script and entire log
contents if that will help.

Thank you,

--Carney Mimms

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