Moved files

Julian Pace Ross linux at
Thu Sep 4 15:52:44 GMT 2008

Not sure if this has ever been covered, but I can't seem to find anything on 

Is it possible to perform the following for moved files (i.e. files that 
already exist on destination, but are moved into a different or new dir on 
the source):

- generate filelist including deleted files (without deleting)
- during transfer, for each *new* file, check against above list for 
- If there is a match, and size is similar, try using that file as a basis 
for transfer.
- finally delete all... (like --delete-after)

All this would be sort of related to the --fuzzy option, but for moved files 
instead of renamed. This would be especially useful for scripts that deal 
with a few large files that sometimes change place, are dumped into archive 
dirs etc...

I'm not sure if this can already be done with some combination of options, 
if not I think it would be a cool feature.



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