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Marc Fromm Marc.Fromm at
Thu Oct 23 20:29:13 GMT 2008

We are using rsync to pull backups created on our server.
The command below is run as a cronjob and it works great.
rsync -avu --rsh "ssh -l root" root at servername:/var/lib/mysql/backups/ /backups/mysql/

We have a new server that will replace the old server that rsync pulls backups from.
On the system that is running rsync, I switched the servername in the command above to the new server.
Rsync is failing to work because it wants the root password for the new server.
Rsync does not ask for a password from the old server, even when I manually run the command.

I did not set up the rsync routine and thus I don't know if there is a file on the old server that rsync is communicating with to bypass asking for roots password.

What is required for rsync to use the above command to pull backups from the new server, and not want root's password entered?



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