Patch for GPFS support

Ronnie Sahlberg sahlberg at
Mon Oct 20 23:02:42 GMT 2008


We, IBM, have developed a patch that enhances RSYNC.
This patch provides extensions to RSYNC to map to and use filesystem
extensions present in the IBM GPFS cluster filesystem.
(GPFS is a cluster filesystem for Linux and AIX that provides additional
attributes such as NFSv4 ACLs, extended attributes and windows attributes
in addition to the common posix permissions)

This will greatly enhance the RSYNC functionality for users of the GPFS

We would like to contribute this patch to RSYNC and hope it will be useful
for all users of GPFS.
This patch may also provide ideas/startingpoint for others with filesystems
that would need to transfer additional fs-specific metadata using rsync.

Please review and apply if there are no issues with the patch.

best regards
Ronnie Sahlberg

(See attached file: README.patch)(See attached file:
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