push, pull confusion.

Mark Busby boxend at chillhd.org
Mon Oct 13 16:47:23 GMT 2008

I've been using rsync to back-up user files on samba shares. The idea was 
to capture the file changes from day to day work, back all changes and new 
files to a server with limited access. If someone wanted to delete the 
files, there would be a back-up of their work.  

While checking logs the other day, I noticed that on the files on 
the "backup server" where only a partial list of what users had in the 
samba shares. Running the rsync transfer by hand after making backups, I 
thought maybe I had a push-pull problem. Changing the command did transfer 
the newer files to the backup server. But I found that while cleaning out 
the group share that rsync is pushing old backup files into the samba 
shares from the backup.

 I would like to keep the old files on the backup server, but not transfer 
them back to the samba server. ie If a user deletes file "a.doc" from the 
samba share, it remains in the backup server but rsync doesn't put it back 
on the samba share.  

The backup server is running the rsync daemon.
The command I have been using from the samba share computer.
rsync -pavzW --stats user at /samba_shares


Mark Busby

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