rsync name resolution weirdness...

Dallas Engelken dallase at
Sat Oct 11 19:30:46 GMT 2008

I have 7 rsync mirrors set up,  but I only see some clients hitting just 
1 mirror even though the hostname resolves to 7 distinct IP addresses.

On a cent 4x box running rsync 2.6.9,  I straced the rsync process, and 
I can see the name resolution happen, and all 7 IP addresses are 
returned, but rsync always picks the same IP address to connect to.   If 
I sorted all 7 of the IP addresses returned on the first octet, the 
lowest number is the one it uses.

I have seen different behavior on rsync v2.6.8 on a centos 5.x box, 
where it used 3 of the 7 IPs, and they were always the 3 lowest in terms 
of 1st octet.   I havent found a rsync version that utilizes all 7 IPs 
from the resolved hostname, even though strace shows its sending back 
all 7 IPs.

Has anyone every seen or reported an issue like this?  I couldnt find 
any bugs on it...


Dallas Engelken
dallase at

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