how to start rsync daemon on fedora

Kyle Lanclos lanclos at
Fri Oct 10 02:31:50 GMT 2008

Wayne wrote:
> Fedora supplies an /etc/xinetd.d/rsync file that defaults to off.  Using
> your b command should turn it on and sighup xinetd.  If you go the
> xinetd route, that means that there won't be a dedicated rsync daemon
> running.  You could elect to leave the xinetd config file disabled and
> run a daemon, if you like.

You may also need to muck about with your SELinux settings if you go this
route. This was the case on RedHat Enterprise 5 and its derivatives-- I
needed to disable (or effectively disable) SELinux in order for xinetd to
successfully invoke rsync as a daemon.


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