how to start rsync daemon on fedora

Matt McCutchen matt at
Thu Oct 9 16:27:29 GMT 2008

On Thu, 2008-10-09 at 15:29 +0100, michael wrote:
> Maybe the daemon is running but I don't think so:
> mkb at veri:/var/log$ ps -elf|grep rsync
> 0 S mkb      24869 21866  0  80   0 - 17433 pipe_w 15:26 pts/4
> 00:00:00 grep rsync
> and this is when I've tried both of
> a) /usr/bin/rsync --daemon -v
> b) sudo /sbin/chkconfig rsync on

Fedora does not provide an initscript for rsync, so you should be using
command (a).  You need to write an /etc/rsyncd.conf file if you haven't
already; see the rsyncd.conf(5) man page for details.  If the daemon
still won't start, check the log file you defined in /etc/rsyncd.conf or
the syslog in /var/log/messages to find out why.


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