rsync backup permissions

michael cs at
Thu Oct 9 13:17:39 GMT 2008

I had a quick look for an answer to what I'd presume is a common Q but
failed so wondering if somebody here would point me in the right
direction, please & thanks?!

I wish to use rsync to backup users' home dirs from machineA (Debian) to
machineB (Fedora). I have a script, say, in my own home dir
and linked to from /etc/cron.daily and have set up the ssh keys so
root at machineA can rsync to localUser at machineB. In testing the script is
run and files are transferred. However, they are owned by localUser (of
machineB) not of each user on machineA.

I have tried various rsync options (--perms) but without joy. Can
somebody advise me which flags I require?

Thanks, Michael

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