rsyncd.conf to control unix permissions

Thomas Heil thomas.heil at
Wed Oct 8 11:08:13 GMT 2008


I was looking for a solution to force  special unix permissions in
conjunction with rsync.  I want to use
it for a webserver upload which is served by a rsync server. There I
need the special unix permissions to make sure
apache is functioning properly after each upload.

On Tue Mar 11 22:11:38 EST 2003 someone wrote a patch for that. ( )
I took a look at loadparams.c and couldnt find the parameters create
mask and so on.

So It seem the patch wasnt accepted by the rsync developers. Can
somebody tell me why ?

thanks in advice

Thomas Heil
Skype: phiber.sun
Email: thomas.heil at

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